From Computer programmer to 6 Figure Personal Trainer

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After being discharged in 2004 with an annual salary of around $42,000 and 10 years of experience under his belt, Myers decided to become a full-time personal trainer instead of pursuing a career in computers. “That’s what I liked,” he said.

But when General Dynamics (Charts) offered him $350,000 to spend a year in Iraq as an independent contractor working on tracking program, Myers decided he couldn’t turn down the opportunity. But he didn’t want to put his budding career as a personal trainer on hold either.

Instead, he used his computer skills to build his business online. “I kept an online personal training journal,” Myers explained. While in Iraq, He charged clients $300 to $400 a month to provide them with a full nutrition program as well as training tips and general advice via email and message boards.

And when the 12 months were up, Myers immediately returned to his wife, Kristen, and his personal training career.

Starting from scratch

With the money he made working for General Dynamics and the client base he had built up, he rented a studio in San Antonio, Texas for $2,500 a month and hired two full-time trainers.

That was “a big risk,” Myers said, “I had never paid rent on a place or hired employees or anything before.”

Again, he put his computer skills to work building a Web site and mastering key words and cues used by search engines. “When people search (online) for trainers in San Antonio, they find me.”

“The first two months we were open, we grossed $70,000 a month.” Now, Myers, who charges $75 to $90 an hour, says he brings in approximately $250,000 a year through his studio and plans to open another one in the area soon.


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