Newyourkey.Com Will Store Your Spare Keys

March 3, 2007 at 8:01 am Leave a comment

Today’s edition of the Manhattan Users Guide points us to a new service: NewYourKey, which holds on to a copy of your keys and promises to deliver them whenever you might need them, “within an hour, even if you’re three sheets to the wind at 3 am,” as MUG puts it. “Especially then.” Clunky name and over-Flashed Website notwithstanding, we kind of dig the idea. And with Valentine’s Day approaching, we’re thinking the company could really broaden its service. Like, when we throw our beloved’s keys in his face, forgetting that ours are attached, and they all fall in the gutter, it’d be great if NewYorkKey’s messenger not only delivered our spares but also told us we’re too good for that loser, anyway, and took our cell phone away for the night. And maybe brought over an ex, too? Just a suggestion.

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