Worst Ways To Get Fired

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My wife was fired by Bank of America via a letter delivered by FedEx. This was due to her missing too much work to recover from heart surgery. (The company took her recovery time out of her vacation days.) On her last day, her manager kept her at work until 8pm to finish her work, knowing she was recovering from heart surgery (this was a 9-5 job). My wife had scheduled two days off to attend doctor appointments and this is when her manager took the opportunity to fire her via a letter delivered by Fedex.

Posted By Rick, Boston, MA : 11:47 AM  

Many years ago I worked for a midwestern freight railroad as a brakewoman and conductor. The company established a labor-management “team” to address financial problems, while at the same time secretively developing a plan to reduce crew size by one third. They sent us a letter telling us that high costs were the cause of our having to be let go. Then they asked an administrative employee to come in on Saturday while being paid time and one half to distribute our last paychecks. No one from management was present to thank us for the work we had done or to wish us well after our departure. It felt like a slap in the face to all of us to be dismissed in this manner.

Posted By Cindy A, Milwaukee Wisconsin : 12:12 PM  

I didn’t get it but the guy next to me did. We went out for lunch and when we came back his security pass wouldn’t work so I let him through the gate. We passed the boss’s office on the way to our desks. He went in and said “I need a new pass. Mine’s failed.” The boss said “Your pass hasn’t failed. You don’t work here.”
and took the card out of his hand.

Posted By Al Robinson, Toronto, Ont : 12:23 PM  

Found out I was on the layoff list when I went to get the mail. My COBRA health insurance election letter (with instructions) was in the mail box. Later that day someone from HR called to inform me that it was true. The only way HR found out I had received the COBRA letter early, was when I talked to a peer about the day’s events. He in turn contacted someone in management to voice his concern. Later, I found out that the layoff phone call was to come the following Monday because they had done so many calls already on Friday that they decided to leave some for Monday.

Posted By David, Cincinnati, OH : 12:39 PM  

I was fired by SunTrust for driving an old car. I worked at a branch in a VERY wealthy area of town (median income of 155K) and the manager told me that customer’s were complaining it was an eyesore. He told me to park my car at the mall two blocks away and to walk to work. I refused to (it was the middle of winter) and so he fired me on the spot for not following directions.

Posted By Dan, Atlanta, GA : 12:48 PM  

My daughter’s company schedued an employee day during working hours with food, drink and a visit and autograph session by the NASCAR driver the company sponsored. When the activities were over and the employees returned to their desks there were layoff notices for a fair number of employees. Guess the company thought the employees would feel better about the layoff if they had enjoyed themselves beforehand. I think it would have made me even more upset.

Posted By Gregg Crow, Marietta GA. : 12:53 PM  

I was on an H1B visa and on assignment in Korea when i was notified of my layoff. My manager called me at 6AM Korea time to my apartment and told me that I was being laid off and since I was on that H1B visa he adviced me not to return to the US since the company would notify the INS(currently BCIS) that I am no longer employed by that company.

Posted By J. Yoon, San Jose, CA : 12

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