Another 19 year old student millionaire

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Basically, there is one sure way of getting rich . You go to china import goods and sell them online in America

 Sean Belnick, a 19-year-old undergraduate at Emory University who started his own business when he was in ninth grade. His stepfather had sales experience in the office chair industry, and Belnick knew how to put together a Web site. So the young man suggested that they sell office chairs online.

Five years later, what started as an after-school project in a teenager’s bedroom has grown into a full-fledged $15-million dollar online business called . A recent article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution (April 28, 2006) points out that Belnick has always had the “entrepreneurial bug”:

In fifth grade, he started a mini-Pokemon card empire on eBay after figuring out that he could buy packs of cards and sell off the most valuable on the Web for a profit. "We would go to the mailbox and the checks would just roll in," [his mother Lesley] Glazer said. The preteen made more than $4,000. "That was Sean, always trying to make a buck," his mother said, laughing.


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